At Kanantik, we end up writing a lot about retirement, in Belize and how to retire with style, in general.

One of the reasons Belize is so popular — as a retirement destination — is that retirees receive a significant incentive from the government to retire here. You can read more about it on Discover Belize.

Beyond Belize’s basically giving tax-free status for most qualified retirees, it’s also one of the Caribbean’s most magnificent climates.

It’s a totally English speaking country…

And the people are magnificent, too.

Oh, and then there’s the sea, Kanantik’s golf course, a nearby clinic and healthcare provider and plenty to keep you active well into your retirement.

Did we mention that suddenly your relatives have a ton of reasons for wanting to come and stay?

In fact, Kanantik Belize may be the grandparents’ best excuse yet for really spending quality time with the grandkids.

Belize is just two to three hours from most of the Southern United States. It’ll be a little further from more northerly points, but it’s still close, and airlines have started adding new routes from all over! This winter we’re seeing new direct flights from Denver, Houston, and even Toronto.

But of course, hauling off to another country sounds like a big commitment.  The QRP program linked above allows you to easily move most of your possessions, even a car, into the country with no import duty or other tax. It’s practically free. Belize seems like an easy route to a fabulous Caribbean lifestyle, but it’s probably not for everyone.

Because Belize has one of the smallest population densities in the world, there’s lots of room and lots of opportunity. There is, in almost every corner of a Belize, at least some expat presence. Foreigners are jovially accepted, and some places support really thriving communities.

International Living named Belize among its top four retirement destinations in the world in 2016. But you can see the difference between Belize and the other three contenders almost immediately. Panama, Ecuador, and Mexico; confusing local law codes, Spanish language for just about every aspect of dealing with local and national authorities. And Mexico still has very restrictive laws on property ownership within miles of the coast.

That makes Belize, and Kanantik Belize, into natural favorites for retirement.



Photo above: Creative Commons License: “The Split”, Caye Caulker, Belize, 16 December 2011, by Steven Zwerink, on Flickr  

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