To the fabulous Kanantik Belize home owners!

Hello! I’m Chanell Oliver, your new Chief Marketing Officer and I’m sending this letter to introduce myself to you, as well as tell you about all the exciting changes happening at Kanantik Belize.

Change isn’t always a bad thing. In this case, it means a new logo, new website, and new improvements in everything! One of the most anticipated improvements includes the creation of a long-awaited owner’s manual, which will provide a sleek and informative guide for you to follow. You can expect to have that by the end of the year and it is my commitment it be something you treasure for many years to come. As you also know, we’ve been working steadfastly to open the pipelines to great communication, ensuring that all updates and information regarding the development of Kanantik reach you and all potential owners in a swift manner.

I’m very happy to be a part of the team and to help deliver all of these fantastic changes to you. After having recently visited Kanantik for the first time, I was in awe at the beauty of Belize – rich with culture and roaming with diverse wildlife. I was amazed by the beautiful sandy beaches bordered by lush landscapes and jungles of palm trees swaying in the warm, permanently-summer breeze. I fell in love with the uniqueness of Kanantik, offering gorgeous homes in the heart of Belize’s paradise.

I love what I do, which is why I’ll dedicate my time to the satisfaction of you, our future home owners at Kanantik. Additionally, I am also very knowledgeable in what I do, as I have over 10 years of experience within the field of Brand & Marketing for the hospitality industry. Utilizing my passion and expertise, I’m committed to working with the team to ensure Kanantik is a place you’ll someday be proud to call “home.”

When I’m not working hard with Kanantik, I’ll be at my home in Newport Beach, CA, spending time with my family and my sweet daughter, who just celebrated her first birthday around my first Mother’s Day. As a new mom, I am beyond thrilled to work with a company that values family as much as success.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to contact me anytime at

Looking forward to helping you become a part of the Kanantik family,

Chanell Oliver


We are thrilled to report that progress continues to be made in both Sections B and C at Kanantik. In Section C, roads remain a priority. Pushing the roads involves clearing and heavy earth moving as well as surveying of the location of the road. We have approximately 12 miles of roads cleared, including the main road through the development from Southern Highway all the way to the Kanantik Reef and Jungle Resort! All roads in the northwest portion of section C have been pushed through, and 75 percent of the roads have been completely cleared of logs. With the completion of this process, we await authentication from the Lands Board, after which we may begin finishing the roads with an Earthscape product. It is an innovative material that is eco-conscious and more durable than traditional materials, such as asphalt.


Currently, area for the Airstrip Building is being cleared and should be completed within the next couple of weeks. On this site, in the next year, we will be constructing a proper Welcome Center and a temporary Golf Pro Shop. Until the golf course is completed with the finalized Pro Shop, this site will function to support the golf course, as well as to greet visitors directly from their arriving flights. Also getting underway this week are the lake and amphitheater in Central Park. This portion of the project also involves heavy moving and digging of large quantities of earth. In the near future, we anticipate preparation of commercial pads in the surrounding areas.


As for Section B, five holes on the golf course have been cleared and burned. We are continuing to push forward with to complete the first 9 holes as soon as possible. Quite a lot of change is underway at Kanantik, and we couldn’t be happier with the work that is being completed. We are consistently making progress and are excitedly moving forward through our milestones.

Written by George Mock, Kanantik Belize General Manager


As there is so many exciting (and sometimes overwhelming) elements that go into the ownership process as well as the development and building process, it is our intention to continue to provide you with as much comprehensive information as possible regarding your investment. 

We’ve compiled the below list of questions based on YOU and what you’ve asked us. We will will continue to add to this list, as well as create an owners forum on the website so that you can refer to it at any time. We hope that you find this information helpful and if there are questions you would like to see featured in the future, please email them to

1.) What is the progress of roads in the development? The development of roads is dependent upon surveying and authentica- tion from the lands board. Currently, there are some road sections that have been surveyed, and these roads have been “pushed”. The land has been cleared and is being leveled. Over the course of the next 6-9 months, this first section of roads will be constructed with an environmen- tally friendly enzyme based material called Natural-Crete which eliminates the need for rock thus being very cost effective. As surveying is complet- ed section by section, the roads will continue to progress. 

2.) When will utilities be available on my property? Utility corridors are put in place along the same time schedule that the roads are finished. Once your section of the development has finished roads, the utilities should also be in place. 

Click here to view Kanantik Development Fact Sheet

Are you looking for an exciting way to relax and unwind with refreshing beverages, delicious food, and breathtaking views? We are currently constructing the Caribbean-style RumBar & Lounge – an ocean-front clubhouse adorned with a stunning wood panel layout for a truly rustic touch. Featuring an organic restaurant, a casual bar, and a cigar lounge, the clubhouse is a perfect place to stop after a great game of golf on impeccably groomed greens. 

Imagine refining your golfing skills at the practice driving range located conveniently next to the RumBar & Lounge clubhouse. You deserve to bask in the fruits of luxury as you step out into the expert putting green, place your golf ball, and extend your arms back to swing – while still being within walking distance of the beautiful clubhouse. If playing golf isn’t your favorite activity, you can take advantage of the charming clubhouse seating and relax. Bring a great book or a fun game and sit by a window overlooking the tropical ocean view or sit up at the bar and enjoy a soothing beverage. 

Whether you love to golf or would rather unwind, you’ll always feel as though you hit a hole-in-one every time you visit the RumBar & Lounge to light up a cigar out on the outdoor veranda and watch the sun bounce off of the flowing ocean waves. It really doesn’t get any better than that, does it? All of these incredible features are coming to Kanantik Belize soon! Stay tuned for more updates as we add the finishing touches to the RumBar & Lounge. 



I’m always up early to watch the sunrise over a beautiful ocean, chasing waterfalls through miles of beautiful lush jungle, snorkeling off the coast of private islands, or sitting back with friends on a boat fishing while drinking a few cold ones. Areas I recommend for adventures are the Cockscomb Basin for hiking, St. Herman’s cave off the Hummingbird Highway for 
cave tubing, and South Water Cave for beautiful snorkeling and diving opportunities. 

In addition to all of the great adventures and life around you, Belize is also a host to great dining experiences as well. If you are into fine dining, visit Maya Beach Bistro or The Turtle Inn. Although, if you just want to relax with friends and have entertainment, check out Tipsy Tuna or Barefoot Beach Bar. My personal favorite meal to eat is fried chicken, french fries, and a nice slice of cheese cake for dessert. It reminds me of mother’s cooking back home at family gatherings. 

The people of Belize are one of the best aspects about this country. No matter where you go, there is always a smile, greeting, and a great story. If I could describe the Belizean people in 3 words, it would be authentic, caring, and peaceful. 

Click here to read more about Jeron


“Community.” What does that word mean to you? Is it a group of neighbors defined by a physical location? Or does it have a deeper meaning, one tied by a familial sense of belonging? Regardless of the many personal interpretations, one constant remains true: a community is a crucial aspect of home. Each unique member of your community helps establish friendships, create lifelong bonds, and – ultimately – turns your simple place of residence into the beautiful place you call “home.” 

At Kanantik Belize, we value our community of owners as family and understand the importance of facilitating a great environment for individuals to connect. We hope you will value your community members as well... because we have some exciting news for you! 

We will be hosting semi-annual opportunities for Kanantik owners to come together in various cities throughout the country to meet and bond. We are also in the process of developing opportunities for you to invite people, such as friends and family, from your lives into the Kanantik community. Be sure to stay tuned for more information regarding this venture and if you are interested in participating on a higher level with the events, we welcome that too! 

Additionally, in each newsletter chronicle, we are going to feature an owner from Kanantik Belize and introduce him or her as part of our family. If you are interested in becoming a featured member of the Kanantik community in our next newsletter, please contact

We look forward to introducing you and welcoming you as a valued member of our community. Thank you for making Kanantik Belize our home. 


In early 2016, we successfully launched The Kanantik Golf Club Founders Club. Limited to only 25 members, the Founders Club – which offers a hand-selected Golf Course Lot and incredible amenities such as a Lifetime Membership, Automatic Tournament Entry, and a brand new EZ-GO Golf Cart. The Founders Club is the opportunity of a lifetime that will only be available to a select few in these early days of development. With several Founders Club Members already in place, we are now ready to release our next level of membership.

We’d like to introduce to you an additional membership option for golf enthusiasts: The Iron Club. While still offering access to fantastic amenities similar to The Founders Club, we believe The Iron Club is an invaluable opportunity to interact with fellow golfers – at a lower price point. We believe that providing more options is always better, as each individual is unique in membership needs. Now, you can weigh both of your options and decide which is best for you (it’s a hard choice, we know). Either club is a wonderful way to unite over the mutual love of golf. If interested in The Founders Club or The Iron Club, don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information at

To download Founders Club Brochure please click on link:

To download Iron Club Brochure please click on link:


Beginning the last weekend of June, our owners will now have an opportunity to join us for tour weekends, dedicated and curated just for owners!

Once a month we will be opening up the resort for you to tour the development and see for yourself all of the progress that is happening daily. You will be able to meet with architects and builders and begin to take the next steps in your ownership journey. It will also be an opportunity for you to further explore & Discover Belize and all of the exciting adventures that await you. You are invited to bring guest(s) along that you think are prospective lot owners as we will have an opportunity for them to join the Kanantik family. For Owner’s Tour costs and to find out how you could receive yours complimentary, please contact us at

We’re looking forward to exploring Belize with you and are especially ready for round 2 of Kanantik Karaoke!!