The Kanantik Chronicle 1Q 2017

Chronicle – Quarter 1 2017

Hello! We are so excited to welcome you back for another year of progress at Kanantik Belize. 2016 was overall a fabulous year both for Kanantik and Belize. Belize has received more attention than ever before over the last year and there is no doubt that the interest in our favorite Caribbean nation will intensify in 2017.


Kanantik Belize is coming into this year with multiple new honors from the prestigious International Property Awards. These awards include Best Developer Website, Best Golf Development, Highly Commended Leisure Development Belize. These wonderful accolades remind us how special our vision at Kanantik Belize is and we are looking forward to developing this vision further into reality this year. You can see more from the Property Awards in London below.

We are so excited for a new year full of possibilities and we are grateful that you are here to share in this journey with us. Looking forward to sharing this year of growth with you and hope we will see you down in Belize soon!

Belizean News

With each quarter that passes it seems more and more Fortune 500 companies are taking interest in Belize. Every month there is a new flight being added, a new hotel company making plans to build in Belize or a new cruise line figuring out how to get a piece of the pie. It seems that the secret is out and everyone wants a piece. 2016 was a fantastic year for Belize and we know it is just the start of a booming interest in this beautiful country.


Last year brought the largest number of arrivals to Belize in 20 years. Month after month tourism in Belize is breaking records and we are so excited to be a part of the story. For more information on this exciting news you can find the full story here:

Owners Spotlight

Bill and Melissa Schlafli

One of our favorite things about Kanantik, other than its unbeatable location, is the community that is being created. There are so many wonderful people with different backgrounds continuing their stories at Kanantik Belize, including Melissa and Bill Schlafli. Bill and Melissa purchased their first lot at Kanantik in 2015 and now own 3 lots in the development. They are excited and eager to start the building process on their home this year.

Melissa and Bill most recently visited Kanantik while they were with us on the January Owner’s tour and we were thrilled to hear about their passion for Kanantik. They are also at such an exciting time, getting ready to break ground, that we knew they were the perfect pair to spotlight this Chronicle. You can read their complete Q&A here

Read Schlafli’s Q&A

Special thanks go out to Bill and Melissa for taking the time to share about their own

Kanantik experience. If you’d like to speak about your experience buying, building,

visiting or living at Kanantik, we’d love to hear from you. Drop a line to the Director

of Client Communications, Jessica, at

Bringing our Golf Course to Life!

The goal? To make the “invisible become visible”.


Much of the excitement in being part of a pre-development real estate project is envisioning the potential of the finished project. Concurrent with that excitement is the challenge of clearly communicating the vision even as it may be represented in myriad plans, sketches and renderings. In recent years, these simple plans have evolved into 3D renderings which help to give depth and consistency to the vision. Even then, it is quite a challenge making a realistic representation to the naked eye, especially for those who do not have advanced training and experience in architectural design or master planning.


Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) plans are important for understanding layouts; sketches can quickly communicate concept; and physical models will allow people to see a design from all angles. What if you want to make people FEEL what it will be like? What if you want them to EXPERIENCE the materials, the lighting, the atmosphere? This is where Harris Kalinka comes in!


The solution: Engage the world’s best architectural animation company.


We are excited to announce that Harris Kalinka, the world’s best imagery and animation company specializing in golf and architecture, have partnered with us to bring the vision of our future golf course to life. These designers will help us show you the future of Kanantik Belize like you have never seen it before. The Harris Kalinka team will be bringing our project to life, primarily so that everyone can not only see, but feel and experience what it will be like once complete, and moreover so that you can imagine what life will be like at your new home!


Beginning with the golf course, Harris Kalinka will provide animations of what the ACTUAL course will be like upon completion. A variety of assets are used to create the most realistic imagery possible, including the lidar and topographic surveys; Casey O’Callaghan’s construction, routing and grading plans; references of where the bunkers, water edges, lakes and other water features will be; AutoCAD of the residential layout and masterplan from Bob McMahon; as well as the 3D models of the clubhouse, homes and other related buildings from Ken Ussenko. These plans, maps and surveys will be combined with real life elements such as 4K video drone footage and photography we have taken on-site all to create the most realistic virtual experience


The result? A real-life animation of the course, clubhouse and homes similar to what will be built. This product will be a 3D experiential representation like nothing else you’ve ever seen. With images available in Virtual Reality with 8 panoramas from different locations, we’ll have no difficulty picturing ourselves standing on the tee box at hole #1, examining our lie on the green at hole #9, having a cocktail on the terrace of the clubhouse overlooking the 18th green, or relaxing in your home looking out over the golf course.


Here is an example of what you can expect Harris Kalinka to provide for us at Kanantik Belize.


Make sure to watch it with the music!

Additionally, Harris Kalinka will be developing renderings of other elements of Kanantik Belize such as the island, RumBar and more!

We can’t wait for this exciting vision project to be completed, which we anticipate being sometime around the beginning of June. We will be sending you the final product as soon as it is available.

Upcoming Owners’ Tours

We hosted our first owner’s tour of 2017 the last weekend in January. The group had so much fun, and we heard everyone was very satisfied with the condition of the resort. Our Owner’s Tours are a great way for you to get down to the property and see all the happenings for yourself, all while mingling with your future neighbors. We are currently hosting owner’s tours once a quarter. If you are interested in joining us for a future owner’s tour, please contact

Arysbet at

Our next two Owners’ Tours are on the books!

-April 21-25th

This weekend will follow our traditional owner’s tour itinerary. Day one will include a property tour, bowling and night out in Placencia at the Barefoot Bar. Day two hosts a second optional property tour, ziplining, a fishing excursion and then into town, Hopkins this time for dinner. Monday’s are Island Day!! Snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking and all the excellent water activities Belize has to offer. Our team at Kanantik has created the perfect taste of Belize and rolled it up in one weekend. A great weekend to see what is happening at Kanantik and fall even more in love with the beautiful country of Belize.

-June 23-27th Lobster Fest Weekend

Our June Owner’s Tour has a special twist. It will take place during Placencia’s lobsterfest this year!! If you want to experience a great tradition of Belize this weekend is the one for you! We will offer the same wonderful activities as the traditional owner’s tour with an extra trip into Placencia to the festival.