Q: What makes us (Kanantik) different from other real estate investment opportunities in Belize and throughout the world?
A: Incredibly Low Risk – Where nearly every project you come across will be heavily leveraged with debt, Kanantik separates itself by maintaining a debt free business model. Because of this, you (the investor) have the peace of mind knowing that you are not going to lose your investment due to Kanantik having any financial issues or going “belly-up,” as they say. Since we have no debt, you can invest your hard-earned money in property here at Kanantik and relax knowing that it is safe and sound.
Q: I understand Caribbean real estate is difficult to buy if you don’t have a lot of money. How can I afford Kanantik property if I don’t have a big down payment?
A: Unparalleled Financing – Since Kanantik is a debt free project, we possess the ability to finance anyone we choose; in essence, we are our own bank when it comes to selling our property. As such, Kanantik has eliminated the typical barrier to entry that plagues most buyers and has been able to give folks the buying power to purchase $100,000+ property with as little as $10,000 down.
Q: If I invest and buy property at Kanantik, how do I know the government is not going to take my property?
A: Fee Simple Title – Belize is part of the British Commonwealth, which means they have an identical titling system to places like the United States, the U.K., Canada, Australia, etc. This means when you pay off your property at Kanantik, you are able to take title to your property in a Fee Simple manner. You can put it in your name, your business name or even put it in the names of your children if you’d like to leave it to them as a part of your legacy.
Q: When it comes to investing overseas, what are the top three things I need to lookout for?

A: This question is best answered in parts, as demonstrated below for your convenience.

    1. What are the risks to me?
      • Ask yourself this: is there anything about the investment that would cause it to fail? (e.g. Is there debt? Are there liens?)
    2. Do I have title to my property?
      • You will want to make sure that you are buying in an area/country that offers Fee Simple title and NOT Lease-Hold title. (Fee Simple means you OWN the property) 3. How likely will it be that my investment property will produce a profit for me? To determine this, you will want to look for the following:
        • Is the area/country where I am purchasing property booming right now? o Are there big companies coming in, putting money into my area and developing business there?
        • Am I getting in on the low side of the investment or in one of the initial phases of a project, where my value can increase over time?
        • What is around me?
          • Does this property have access to the ocean?
          • Are there high value amenities around the property like golf courses, spas, parks, restaurants, and activities that would attract future buyers to the area?
          • Is there a good medical care facility nearby
          • When I look out onto my property, does it have a good view?