The Kanantik Clubhouse

A Club for Really Belonging

Kanantik is home. But at the heart of it all is a club, for relaxing,
for socializing, for looking your best, and ultimately, for belonging! It's not just beautifully designed and welcoming, but it's the
heart and nerve center of the resort.

With room for the Pro-Shop and everything you need for before - and after - a morning of golf, there's also a magnificent spa, restaurant, lounge and plenty of space to invite your friends & family, and the Club is always gonna be there.

New Heights in
Indoor-Outdoor Living

Outside, there’s a tropical paradise to enjoy. Inside, it’s all comfort, space and an incredible quality of light. Residents of Kanantik, and especially members of the Founder’s Club, will take to the restaurant, several private meeting rooms,
a lounge, and of course, multiple terraces make the unique combination of indoor-outdoor living that much more available to everyone at Kanantik.