We’re hosting a special tour for current owners and their friends THIS OCTOBER and we’re hoping to welcome as many of you back as possible. There’s more on that below. There are also – new flights to Belize! And lots of the progress at the development that we’ll describe below, too. But before we get to all of that, we wanted to take two minutes to say


Thank You!


You’re Kanantik, and that’s what makes Kanantik the special thing it is.


Here’s what’s happening now.
News on the Development from Kanantik’s Director of Compliance & Sustainability
This year in particular has been a watershed year for our matured relationship with [the Belize] Government. Investing in creating a better understanding of our business model and its long term contribution to Belize’s balance sheet, has forged informed relationships to promote and advance the common goal of creating foreign exchange for the Country, and creating social-economic initiatives that assist government to create jobs and expand the tax base, while increasing the availability and quality of services available in the hospitality, transportation, construction and healthcare fields.


Owners and government both need to be aware that in order to be successful in development in Belize, the developer is required to invest heavily in workforce development. The fact is simple: in order to uphold our ethic of hiring Belize labor rather than export labor, the Developer is required to train, educate and empower the workforce out of its own coffers. This ongoing investment creates a two fold value: 1) for Belize and Belizeans who through apprenticeship learn trades that are ultimately portable, and higher wages. 2) for the Kanantik Belize owners who will enjoy into perpetuity the benefits of generational skilled professional skilled labor in their local community, where previously there was none. These invisible investments, are now well known and are a cause celeb in the halls of Belize Government. We are proud to be part of the future initiative, that will combine the infrastructure of Belize’s formal education structure, with those of a Community eager for fresh and increasing talent.


To read the entire statement click here


New Ways to Get Here – New Reasons to Come!
Belize’s vacation and tourist market just keeps getting better.


While Stann Creek has seen a 62% increase in visitors over roughly the past ten years, Belize as a whole saw a 25% increase – just from the USA in the present year to date over the same period in 2015.


That’s a big part of the reason that WestJet has added a new direct flight Toronto, and Southwest is adding new direct flights from Houston and from Denver! Even American Airlines got in on the act – streamlining service for travelers from London who no longer have to wait overnight, or even hour upon hour. Most American Airlines layovers in Miami are now just two hours!


All these things, plus the fact that Belize is 40% protected natural reserve mean that the time to get in is now, before the country is fully booked up! Don’t count on mega-chain stores and restaurants, though. Belize is still a natural paradise, and it’s expected to remain one, even when many other places are under threat, or being actively despoiled.


Having you along only makes Belize that much better!


Upcoming Owner Tours


Keeping Things Moving Owners Tours are for current owners and they’re specially priced to get you back to Belize.There’s simply no community on Earth shaping up like Kanantik Belize.


How it’s shaping up is, of course, of particular interest to the people ready to call Kanantik home. And that means you! In addition to the ongoing Property Tours just for new friends, Kanantik Belize has scheduled some special long, long weekends for current owners as well as their invited guests.


The next Owners Tour is specially priced and scheduled for
October 28th – November 2nd, 2016


The Owners Tour is designed to keep current owners better than well-informed on every step the project has taken. It’s also a special opportunity to introduce the property to your own friends and loved ones and to still have plenty of time to relax and enjoy everything that Belize has on offer.


If you’re ready to come back, click here for the full lowdown and to schedule your return visit today.
Progress on the Airport


If you’ve already visited Kanantik, you know that one of the development’s chief draws is a private and very exclusive airstrip. Progress continues in bringing the airport up to the standards expected by Kanantik’s future residents.


We mentioned last time that the Airstrip Building ground was being cleared and at this writing construction on the building has begun. The Airstrip building will function as both a Welcome Center for the resort and as the temporary Pro Shop for the golf course. The first nine holes of the golf course should be playable by early next year.


Of course, the airstrip is already being served by Maya Island Air, and as a vital part of the Stann Creek community, we’re expecting to see a fair amount of traffic in and out each day. Maya Island Air’s three daily round-trip flights from Belize City are expected to be joined by several smaller private and charter plane companies when the entire resort is fully developed.






For a small resort airstrip, the building and grounds have been designed to offer the ultimate in comfort and accessibility while still meeting international standards for safety and useability. A fair number of existing and prospective Kanantik residents have already expressed interest in space for private planes.


In addition to service areas for pilots and crews, the facilities are also designed to provide maximum comfort for passengers, and for loved ones in for the weekend.


Helicopter service to South Water Caye, as well as other islands off the coast will also be accommodated.


Spotlight on Current Kanantik Owners. As mentioned above, you’re what makes Kanantik into the community it’s growing into.


Kanantik is a community and a place where lifetimes are reinvented. Here are just two more of the people making Kanantik into the caring place it is.


Ray and Cindy Billicks, having traveled all over Latin America, finally found a home at Kanantik Belize. In 2014 they purchased four lots including one of the Kanantik “Founders Lots.” We’re expecting to see a lot more of them as they’re schedule of grandkids picks up and they’re grandparenting activities take on new challenges – like shepherding the lot of them to Belize for the holidays.


You can see their complete written Q&A here.  http://kanantikbelize.com/q-a-current-owners/


Or better yet, check out the 90 second video to see more of what they’re talking about. http://kanantikbelize.com/what-are-current-kanantik-belize-owners-saying/


If you’d like to be spotlighted in the Current Owners column, we’d love to hear from you and to know how you’re planning to spend the best years of your life!


Just drop a line to the Director of Client Communications, Jessica, at jessica@kanantikbelize.com
The Best Dreams Are Worth Sharing


We’re super excited to have you within the larger Kanantik community. And of course, that means your friends and family are always invited to be a part of this incredible journey. Kanantik believes that whenever anything important is happening – good, bad, or unbelievable – the best thing you can do is talk about it!


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Upcoming Belizean Updates & Events


There’s always something going on. These are just some of the major highlights going on in Belize over the next couple of months. If you’re planning on being here, of course, we’d love to see you, and to hear how you’re spending an Autumn meant to remember.
st-georges-caye-daySt. George’s Caye Day
September 10th


St George’s Caye Day celebrates the defeat of the Spanish navy in 1798 on St. George’s Caye by British settlers and liberated slaves. This day is a great excuse for Belizeans to start their celebrations and the party runs right into Independence Day on September 21st.
belize-independance-dayBelize Independence Day
September 21st


Patriotic parades and official celebrations are mixed with street parties, beauty pageants, and open-air concerts.
conch-seasonConch Season
October 1st


Conch Season is one of the most important in Belize, and it’s estimated to bring in some $8 million every year in revenue. Commonly prepared into ceviche, conch fritters, soups and chowders, it’s a must-try on the Belize menu
pan-american-dayPan American Day
October 12th


Once known as Columbus Day, today’s Pan American Day celebrations focus on Mestizo and Maya Cultures as well as all the other indigenous cultures of the America and take to the streets with parades, fairs and concerts.
kanantik-white-party-smallKanantik Owners Weekend
October  29th


It’s a Halloween weekend just for Kanantik Owners and their friends. We’ve planned some special parties, and a good few days of tours, not just of the resort grounds, but of the islands and surrounding Cayes, too!
battle-of-the-drumsBattle of the Drums & Food Fete
November 11 -13th


Get ready for the night of nights in Punta Gorda. Suspense filled Garifuna drum-offs get everyone moving and there’s dancing and music till dawn: Punta, Hungu, Paranda, Chumba and Wanaragua! The most important Garifuna event in the country.
garifuna-settlement-dayGarífuna Settlement Day
November 19th


The greatest Garífuna celebration occurs in Dangriga, where Garífuna people from across Belize and throughout the region gather to commemorate their arrival from St. Vincent in 1832. Street parades, religious ceremonies, and dance and drumming performances are all part of the celebrations throughout the southern coastal zone.


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